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28.03.2015 18:46

MusiCube | Chrono Trigger Symphony: Volume 3 (Album Review)Today at 17:15  Comments: 0Review | Running Shadow (PC)Today at 15:26  Comments: 0Review | Resident Evil Revelations 2 (PlayStation 4)Today at 13:11  Comments: 0Super Mario 64 Remake in UnityToday at 12:19  Comments: 1Toki Tori Plodding onto Nintendo 3DSToday at 12:06  Comments: 0Zelda Wii U Delayed, Won't be Shown During E3Yesterday at 23:58  Comments: 18Review | Dead or Alive 5 Last Round (PlayStation 4)Yesterday at 22:30  Comments: 4Preview | Allstar Heroes (iOS)Yesterday at 21:33  Comments: 0Review | Keebles (PC)Yesterday at 00:21  Comments: 0Review | Analogue: A Hate Story (PC)2 Days ago at 23:37  Comments: 4Rodea Sky Soldier 3DS Trailer2 Days ago at 21:51  Comments: 0US eShop: LEGO Ninjas, Petting School, Classic Namco Games2 Days ago at 21:34  Comments: 0Download a Shiny Charizard at GAME2 Days ago at 21:24  Comments: 0Celebrate 20 Years of the Tales Of Series2 Days ago at 21:19  Comments: 2Pokémon: Symphonic Evolutions Gets More Dates2 Days ago at 21:04  Comments: 0Review | Pokémon Shuffle (Nintendo 3DS eShop)2 Days ago at 15:30  Comments: 11Yoshi and Animal Crossing 3DS Home Themes2 Days ago at 00:35  Comments: 0Xenoblade Chronicles 3D - Launch Trailer2 Days ago at 00:25  Comments: 1FreezeMe Kickstarter Campaign Now Live2 Days ago at 00:15  Comments: 1Smash Bros. Tournaments: Japan vs USA3 Days ago at 23:49  Comments: 0Review | Total War: Attila (PC)3 Days ago at 21:10  Comments: 0Review | Sniper Elite III: Ultimate Edition (PlayStation 4)3 Days ago at 18:17  Comments: 0Super Cucumber and Down the Drain Confirmed for Wii U3 Days ago at 08:16  Comments: 0Loki and Falcon Join Disney Infinity 2.0 Roster3 Days ago at 08:02  Comments: 0LEGO Ninjago: Shadow of Ronin Launch Trailer3 Days ago at 07:55  Comments: 0A Look at How Battles Work in Xenoblade Chronicles 3D3 Days ago at 07:48  Comments: 0Man at Arms Forge Hylian Shield4 Days ago at 01:38  Comments: 03DS Update Adds 8 Home Screen Layouts4 Days ago at 01:20  Comments: 0Iwata: amiibo Figures are a Trendsetter4 Days ago at 01:11  Comments: 2Super-Stable Stereoscopic 3D Was Miyamoto's Last Minute Idea for New Nintendo 3DS4 Days ago at 00:53  Comments: 6