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27.05.2015 21:39

Bravely Second Trademarked in EuropeToday at 20:10  Comments: 0Guide Three Blind Mice in MouseCraftToday at 19:53  Comments: 0First Direct-Feed Snaps of Dragon Quest VIII 3DSToday at 19:36  Comments: 0New Samurai Warriors Chronicles 3 TrailerToday at 19:22  Comments: 0Review | Toren (PC)Today at 19:12  Comments: 0Slightly Mad: Project CARS Wii U Was Always a MaybeToday at 19:04  Comments: 2Splatoon Bundle Shipment Stolen from GAMEToday at 18:55  Comments: 5Uncover the Past with Fossil Fighters FrontierToday at 18:44  Comments: 0Review | Adventure Bar Story (Nintendo 3DS eShop)Today at 18:25  Comments: 0Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night Gets Wii U Stretch GoalToday at 17:06  Comments: 0Download the Humble Nindie Bundle for Guacamelee, The Fall and MoreYesterday at 22:08  Comments: 2Next Bravely Game May Not be a SequelYesterday at 21:42  Comments: 0Eternal Darkness Trademark Extension RequestedYesterday at 21:12  Comments: 9Is the Lack of 3D in Dragon Quest VIII a Deal-breaker?Yesterday at 20:48  Comments: 3Corpse Party Bringing Bloodshed to Japanese Cinemas on 1st AugustYesterday at 20:32  Comments: 0Etrian Odyssey 2 Untold Out 12th February in EuropeYesterday at 20:26  Comments: 0First Look at SteamWorld Heist on 3DSYesterday at 17:55  Comments: 0Review | Schrodinger's Cat and the Raiders of the Lost Quark (PlayStation 4)Yesterday at 15:29  Comments: 0Use Amiibo to Change Yoshi's Design in Woolly WorldYesterday at 11:25  Comments: 0Feature | Lights, Camera, Action! Talking Pictures Podcast 01Yesterday at 01:33  Comments: 1Review | Highlands (PC)2 Days ago at 23:47  Comments: 0Review | Alphadia Genesis (Nintendo Wii U eShop)2 Days ago at 21:29  Comments: 1How Songs Work in Stella Glow 3DS2 Days ago at 10:49  Comments: 0Project CARS Wii U Could Crash and Burn2 Days ago at 10:37  Comments: 3Hive Jump Wii U Planned for Q1 20162 Days ago at 10:28  Comments: 0Wii U Starting to Receive Unity 5.0 Support2 Days ago at 09:09  Comments: 0This Dragon Ball Z Game for 3DS is Extreme2 Days ago at 09:05  Comments: 0How Dragon Quest VIII 3DS Compares to PS22 Days ago at 08:54  Comments: 5New Trailer for PoPoLoCrois Farm Story2 Days ago at 08:42  Comments: 0Review | Home is Where One Starts (PC)3 Days ago at 17:55  Comments: 0