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01.11.2014 08:35

Review | The Legend of Korra (PlayStation 3)Yesterday at 19:49  Comments: 0Review | Jett Tailfin (Nintendo Wii U eShop)Yesterday at 14:27  Comments: 0New 3DS Delay for EU & US Explained by IwataYesterday at 12:00  Comments: 5Super Smash Bros. for Wii U Now Releasing 28th November in EuropeYesterday at 10:15  Comments: 2US eShop: Pixel Paint, Rock Zombie, Harvest MoonYesterday at 01:17  Comments: 0Go Retro with Pixel Paint on the Wii U eShopYesterday at 00:40  Comments: 0Retro Antics in Ultimate NES Remix TrailersYesterday at 00:26  Comments: 1Cube Creator 3D Demo Incoming in DecemberYesterday at 00:20  Comments: 0Tengami Folding and Fliping onto Wii U on November 13thYesterday at 00:04  Comments: 0Yo-kai Watch Meets McDonalds in Japan2 Days ago at 23:57  Comments: 0Kickstarter Campaign for U Craft Now Live2 Days ago at 23:47  Comments: 0Nintendo's Quality of Life to Measure Sleep Patterns2 Days ago at 22:27  Comments: 4Nintendo to Introduce Pre-loading, Auto Downloads2 Days ago at 22:18  Comments: 1Pokémon Omega Ruby / Alpha Sapphire Japanese Adverts, Trailer2 Days ago at 21:23  Comments: 0Mike Tyson vs Mike Tyson in NES Classic2 Days ago at 21:16  Comments: 0Review | Chimpuzzle Pro (Nintendo Wii U eShop)2 Days ago at 19:26  Comments: 0Ittle Dew Comes to Europe November 27th2 Days ago at 16:28  Comments: 2Potential Mighty No. 9 DLC Announced2 Days ago at 16:17  Comments: 2Lucadian Chronicles Brings Strategy to Wii U2 Days ago at 01:32  Comments: 2Review | Fishdom H2O: Hidden Odyssey (Nintendo 3DS eShop)2 Days ago at 01:29  Comments: 0Pokémon X/Y Patch Fixes First Ball Action2 Days ago at 01:22  Comments: 0Lynn and the Spirits of Inao Alpha Trailer2 Days ago at 01:11  Comments: 0Stealth Inc 2: A Game of Clones Trailer and AMA Highlights2 Days ago at 00:53  Comments: 0Secret Nugget Found in Latest Pokémon Demo2 Days ago at 00:38  Comments: 0Iwata Now Back in Action at Nintendo3 Days ago at 23:52  Comments: 1Review | Bayonetta 2 (Nintendo Wii U)3 Days ago at 22:26  Comments: 13Nintendo Confirms First Half Profits of $132m3 Days ago at 21:16  Comments: 2Review | Senran Kagura Shinovi Versus (PlayStation Vita)3 Days ago at 11:03  Comments: 0Review | Coaster Creator 3D (Nintendo 3DS eShop)4 Days ago at 23:54  Comments: 0New Link on a Loftwing Figure from First 4 Figures4 Days ago at 23:53  Comments: 3