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23.09.2014 14:22

Smash Bros. 3DS Final Boss Explodes into ViewToday at 07:33  Comments: 0Ubisoft on Watch Dogs Flaws and SequelToday at 07:25  Comments: 0Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS Selling out in JapanYesterday at 23:50  Comments: 0Child of the Chozo Plays Tribute to Metroid MusicYesterday at 23:34  Comments: 0Darts Up Heading to the US on 25th SeptemberYesterday at 23:17  Comments: 0New Hero Bank 2 Trailer is Quite Special IndeedYesterday at 23:11  Comments: 1Nintendo Celebrates 125th BirthdayYesterday at 23:02  Comments: 0Settle it with Smash Bros. in New AdvertsYesterday at 22:09  Comments: 3Meet the Bravely Second Musketeers in a new TrailerYesterday at 21:52  Comments: 0Great Ace Attorney TGS Presentation, Full Length TrailerYesterday at 21:43  Comments: 1Watch the Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate TGS Stage PresentationYesterday at 21:30  Comments: 0EU eShop 25/09: Fantasy Life, FIFA, Angry BunniesYesterday at 20:13  Comments: 0Review | Hyrule Warriors (Nintendo Wii U)3 Days ago at 18:24  Comments: 2Review | Titanfall (Xbox One)3 Days ago at 18:00  Comments: 0Try Smash Bros, Splatoon and more at EGX 20143 Days ago at 17:04  Comments: 0Toys vs Monsters Announced for 3DS eShop3 Days ago at 16:44  Comments: 0Fantasy Life DLC Now Available to Order3 Days ago at 16:17  Comments: 1Devil Survivor 2 3DS Port Due in January3 Days ago at 16:07  Comments: 1Animal Crossing Meets Monster Hunter 4 in Felyne Cross-over3 Days ago at 15:58  Comments: 0Watch the Etrian Odyssey Untold II TGS Trailer3 Days ago at 14:02  Comments: 0New Screens, Videos for Fatal Frame Wii U3 Days ago at 13:52  Comments: 1Turn-based and Real-time Collide in Nova-1113 Days ago at 12:56  Comments: 0Giana Sisters 2 Confirmed for Wii U Release3 Days ago at 11:59  Comments: 0Shinra Technologies to Offer Cloud Gaming3 Days ago at 11:49  Comments: 1New Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth Trailers3 Days ago at 10:51  Comments: 0Pac-Man Sails Through Time in New Trailer for the Ghostly Adventures 23 Days ago at 10:34  Comments: 0Adventures of Pip Closes in on Kickstarter Goal3 Days ago at 10:26  Comments: 03DS JRPG The Legend of Legacy gets a teaser website3 Days ago at 10:06  Comments: 3Falling Skies Goes Gold, Digital Only on Wii U3 Days ago at 09:13  Comments: 0Watch Square Enix's Theatrhythm Tournament Finals3 Days ago at 08:27  Comments: 0