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30.09.2014 11:47

Nintendo 3DS Themes from Mario to GunvoltToday at 07:26  Comments: 1New Trailer, Tarot Cards for Persona QToday at 07:12  Comments: 0Nintendo Adds Folders in Wii U System UpdateToday at 07:06  Comments: 1Preview | Affordable Space Adventures (Nintendo Wii U eShop, Hands-On)Yesterday at 21:59  Comments: 0Fatal Frame Wii U is Japan OnlyYesterday at 21:53  Comments: 5Preview | Azure Striker Gunvolt (Nintendo 3DS eShop, Hands-On)Yesterday at 20:37  Comments: 0Review | Outland (PC)Yesterday at 18:52  Comments: 3Debut Artwork for Toys vs Monsters 3DSYesterday at 17:20  Comments: 0EU eShop 02/09: Super Smash Bros, 99SecondsYesterday at 17:13  Comments: 0One Piece Cast Brawl in Super Grand Battle! XYesterday at 07:36  Comments: 0Preview | Beatbuddy: Tale of the Guardians (Nintendo Wii U eShop, Hands-On)Yesterday at 01:51  Comments: 0Review | Destiny (PlayStation 4)2 Days ago at 17:54  Comments: 1Review | Tropico 5 (PC)2 Days ago at 16:45  Comments: 0The Legend of Legacy Began 2 Years Ago3 Days ago at 21:17  Comments: 0Review | Minimum (PC)3 Days ago at 19:01  Comments: 0Review | Air Race Speed (iOS)3 Days ago at 18:05  Comments: 1Slice and Dice the Hyrule Warriors Launch Trailer3 Days ago at 17:58  Comments: 1Final Fantasy Explorers Stream and Breeding3 Days ago at 17:18  Comments: 0Review | Teslagrad (Nintendo Wii U eShop)3 Days ago at 16:29  Comments: 0Watch the Fatal Frame Wii U Live Stream Video3 Days ago at 16:26  Comments: 0Use DualShock and PC Controllers on Wii U3 Days ago at 13:25  Comments: 2The Cat Mario Show on Drawing and Mario Tips3 Days ago at 12:43  Comments: 0Preview | Bayonetta 2 (Nintendo Wii U, Hands-On)3 Days ago at 12:33  Comments: 0Fuse Robots in Tenkai Knights: Brave Battle3 Days ago at 12:30  Comments: 0Recruit Humans in a New Citizens of Earth Trailer3 Days ago at 12:12  Comments: 0Preview | Kirby (Nintendo Wii U, Hands-On)3 Days ago at 11:42  Comments: 0New Pier Solar and the Great Architects Trailer3 Days ago at 10:27  Comments: 0Explosive New Azure Striker Gunvolt Trailer3 Days ago at 10:06  Comments: 1Ayane's Appearance in Fatal Frame - First Screens3 Days ago at 09:57  Comments: 0B Dasher Joins Mario Kart 8 Roster in DLC3 Days ago at 09:31  Comments: 0