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07.02.2016 23:30

Review | Order of the Thorne: The King’s Challenge (PC)Today at 23:23  Comments: 0Review | Alphadia (Nintendo 3DS)Today at 22:25  Comments: 0Review | Primordia (PC)Yesterday at 23:36  Comments: 0Critical Hit | Demonised GamersYesterday at 17:35  Comments: 9Talking Pictures Podcast: Episode 35 (Lights, Camera, Action!)Yesterday at 14:13  Comments: 0Review | Metal Gear Online (PC)2 Days ago at 18:08  Comments: 0Review | Klaus (PlayStation 4)2 Days ago at 14:29  Comments: 0Stop the Witch of Destruction in Stella Glow2 Days ago at 01:10  Comments: 0What Ken Can Do in Street Fighter V2 Days ago at 00:59  Comments: 1Far Cry Primal: Welcome to the Stone Age2 Days ago at 00:45  Comments: 0Pikachu Shocks in Pokkén Tournament Instructional Video2 Days ago at 00:28  Comments: 0Dungeons Beckon in Etrian Odyssey 2 Untold2 Days ago at 00:24  Comments: 0Soul Axiom to Leap onto Steam this Month2 Days ago at 00:19  Comments: 0Professor E. Gadd Joins Super Mario Maker2 Days ago at 00:10  Comments: 1Hitman Beta Taking Place this Month2 Days ago at 00:02  Comments: 0Review | Sayonara Umihara Kawase (PC)3 Days ago at 23:54  Comments: 0Meet Two New Characters for Battleborn3 Days ago at 23:53  Comments: 0New Doom Trailer Revealed3 Days ago at 15:50  Comments: 1Twilight Princess HD: Hero Mode, New Item and More Info3 Days ago at 14:03  Comments: 3Review | Age of Mythology: Tale of the Dragon (PC)3 Days ago at 11:51  Comments: 0Miitomo and My Nintendo Coming in March4 Days ago at 23:42  Comments: 0Review | Final Fantasy VII (PlayStation 4)4 Days ago at 01:52  Comments: 1Meet Star Ocean 5's Anne4 Days ago at 00:35  Comments: 0Slay Beasts with 7th Dragon Coming to the US4 Days ago at 00:29  Comments: 0Latest Nintendo Sales and Top Sellers Revealed4 Days ago at 00:23  Comments: 4Nintendo is Looking into Virtual Reality4 Days ago at 00:13  Comments: 3Remember the Original Pokémon Games4 Days ago at 00:09  Comments: 1The Force Awakens with LEGO Star Wars4 Days ago at 00:03  Comments: 0Movie Review | Trumbo (Lights, Camera, Action!)5 Days ago at 23:48  Comments: 1Review | Sorcery! Parts 1 & 2 (PC)5 Days ago at 23:17  Comments: 0