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21.12.2014 01:51

Chrono Trigger, Mana, SaGa and More for Theatrhythm Final Fantasy DLCYesterday at 16:46  Comments: 3First Trailer for Theatrhythm Dragon QuestYesterday at 16:31  Comments: 0Tomodachi Life Sells Over 1 Million in EuropeYesterday at 12:32  Comments: 0Miyamoto Responds to Mario Film ClaimsYesterday at 12:15  Comments: 3Zelda Wii U's World Evolves on Player DecisionsYesterday at 12:10  Comments: 7Introducing New Etrian Mystery Dungeon Roles2 Days ago at 01:12  Comments: 1Will you Grab these Mario Golf Balls?2 Days ago at 01:07  Comments: 1Fanservice Galore with Final Fantasy VII Costumes for Final Fantasy Explorers2 Days ago at 00:57  Comments: 7US eShop: Art of Balance, Mega Man Zero, Asterix2 Days ago at 00:35  Comments: 0Nintendo Partners with Sony, Microsoft for Parental Control Awareness2 Days ago at 00:25  Comments: 1Hollow Knight Heading to Wii U eShop After Successful Kickstarter3 Days ago at 23:13  Comments: 0Here are 2014's Top Miiverse Searches3 Days ago at 23:02  Comments: 1Captain Toad Launching Early in the UK3 Days ago at 22:37  Comments: 4MusiCube | The Warehouse Project 2014: Fatboy Slim Incoming!3 Days ago at 22:04  Comments: 0Review | The Walking Dead: Season Two (PlayStation 4)3 Days ago at 21:31  Comments: 1Review | Puzzlebox Setup (Nintendo 3DS eShop)3 Days ago at 20:35  Comments: 0Preview | Blackguards 2 (PC, Hands-On)3 Days ago at 20:30  Comments: 0Duck Hunt Arrives in the US on Christmas Day3 Days ago at 18:31  Comments: 0Stick Nintendo Badges on the 3DS Home Screen in Free-to-Play Game4 Days ago at 23:27  Comments: 6Steel Diver: Sub Wars Update Fixes Angles4 Days ago at 23:12  Comments: 0Bandai Namco Goes from Games to Entertainment4 Days ago at 22:59  Comments: 0Youkai Watch 2 Sells over Five Million4 Days ago at 22:19  Comments: 1Hollow Knight Close to Wii U Stretch Goal4 Days ago at 20:54  Comments: 0Review | Planes: Fire & Rescue (Nintendo 3DS)4 Days ago at 19:56  Comments: 0Review | Persona 4 Arena Ultimax (PlayStation 3)4 Days ago at 13:12  Comments: 1Create an amiibo Nintendo Holiday Card4 Days ago at 02:21  Comments: 1Dutch Researchers Question Nintendo's Safety, But is it the End User?4 Days ago at 01:57  Comments: 3Itagaki Shares More Devil's Third Details4 Days ago at 00:16  Comments: 2Nintendo to Partner with Sharp for Free Form Displays5 Days ago at 23:58  Comments: 1Unwrap Shantae on Christmas Day on Wii U5 Days ago at 23:31  Comments: 1