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Review: Mr. Know It All (iOS)By Andre Eriksson At 17.06.2017 14:46

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Almost everyone has seen one of those prime time quiz shows on television where people have to answer questions of varying levels of difficulty, and often people are baffled by how the contestants can get easy questions wrong.

The reason for this is the sheer pressure and time limits that can make people do even the most obvious mistakes, and Mr. Know it All does a very good job at replicating this hot-seat feeling. The game is composed of some super easy quizzes, with questions such as "Is the sun hot?"

At first, this might sound silly and ridiculously simple, but as the game progresses and more and more questions need to be answered, it quickly forces the player to give the wrong answer. It always feels hilarious when replying "Yes" on a question such as "Is a dog a vegetable?" but that is the power of the stress that a hot-seat experience puts on the participators of a quiz show.

Mr. Know it All is a very fun trivia game that gives the quiz show experience to everyone independently on their level of general knowledge, which is clever indeed. However, it is worth noting that it has a weird bug that might make it so that lives do not recharge if the game is on, which, while a minor annoyance, can break the game until it is figured out.

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Is [i]Mr. Know it All[/i] worth a shot? Yes. Can anyone pick it up and get the hot-seat experience of a quiz show? Yes. Is general knowledge required to fully enjoy [i]Mr. Know it All[/i]? No. This is a solid quiz game that gives the full quiz experience to players, no matter their general knowledge, by putting the difficulty on the experience of pressure rather than the difficulty of the question. It is a really clever design choice that creates a difficult and rewarding quiz experience.



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