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DVD Review: SunTrap (Lights, Camera, Action!)By Jambo At 18.06.2017 22:24

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SunTrap (UK Rating: 12)

As with any tragedy, it's hard to know where to start with the post-mortem. SunTrap is a BBC One "sitcom" (the BBC's words, not mine) following investigative journalist Woody (Kayvan Novak) as he travels to Spain and teams up with his former mentor and classic cockney geezer Brutus (Bradley Walsh) as they go undercover and investigate some things.

The whole undercover shtick often feels like a vehicle to allow Novak to churn out a series of impressions that more often than not completely fail to hit the mark and leave viewers wondering what they have done in a previous life to deserve this cruelty.

Woody confesses to have caught the attention of some bad sorts back in England, so is looking to lie low in Spain and Brutus' bar seems like as good a place as any to keep his head down. Some friendly advice, Woody: if you're trying to keep a low profile, then wearing Hawaiian shirts is probably a no-no.

The first of the six-episode series follows the pair as they investigate a "pension poacher's parrot" for absolutely no reason whatsoever. Seriously. A lady walks into the bar and asks Brutus to do it as if he is honour-bound to keep all parrots protected.

What follows is a barrage of '70s-esque puns that are just as unfunny now as they were when your dad first told them; bad - borderline offensive - accents and general 'wackiness' for the sake of it. The final punchline concludes with a joke about s**t in a bucket, which seems like a fairly apt visual metaphor of this show as a whole.

Loud. Annoying. Brash. Broad humour in every sense of the word. Someone get SunTrap a sunbed as this yawn-fest is sure to send anyone viewing to a siesta.

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#1 Adam Riley (News Editor) - on 19.06.2017 at 17:04

The "Sheikh Rattlenroll" bit in the trailer raised a smile Smilie

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