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Review: Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 (PlayStation 4)By Dragon0085 At 11.08.2017 20:53

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Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 is a good example that not all old games withstand the test of time. This collection presents a chance for players to get the harder-to-find copies of these games, as the series essentially disappeared from Nintendo after Mega Man 6 (7 was on the SNES, but was in all ways inferior to Mega Man X). As will be seen, recalling the older games might be interesting from a curiosity point of view, but from a gameplay perspective, they largely were a mess.

First, a quick clarification is needed. This collection features Mega Man titles 7, 8, 9, and 10, of which, originally, 7 and 8 were around 20 years old, and 9 and 10 were recently made, but created purposely in a "throwback style." This may be a little confusing, but the worst looking ones (9 and 10) were the most recent, having been released digitally on PSN and Xbox Live.

Imagine back in 1995, Mega Man has left the NES, and it has already been a year since the colossal hit of Mega Man X, which blew fans away with the radical and successful change to the formula. Now, Mega Man 7 comes along, and it is a direct continuation of the NES series, meaning things like finding upgrades hidden in the level, dashing, and wall jumps are all completely gone. It was a step back, and many at the time felt it, with its mediocre reviews. There was a story attempted in Mega Man 7 with dialogue and so on, but it is largely forgettable.

Playing the game today, to be blunt, is painful. The lack of a dash keeps the pace slow, and the lack of anything to do with cliffs and wall jumping is an exercise in frustration. There is a reason conventions in genres become standard, and with platforming, there is a basic level of understanding that with walls the player either needs to be able to climb them, slide on them, or grab the edge. Not having this, as is the case in all these games, means frequent trips into the abyss due to missing jumps by mere pixels.

Mega Man 8 is, arguably, the best one out of the bunch. It is colourful, the grindy nature of finding bolts from the previous title is gone, and the original formula of Mega Man finds its highest conclusion. For old times' sake, it is a decent romp, but far too frequently modern players will be annoyed by the lack of a run/dash, and of the previous problems mentioned of walls/edges being the largest issue in the entire game.

Notably, Mega Man 8 started including anime scenes and voice acting. At the time, it might have been interesting, but now it is laughably bad. For proof, check out one of the most universally agreed "worst voice acting ever" scenes in a video game.

Oddly, Mega Man 9 and 10 stick out as they are true copies of Mega Man 1 in that the graphics are that bad, and the controls are only jump and shoot. No charge, no dash, nothing. These were released fairly recently as throwbacks to the older style, but, to be blunt, they fail on multiple levels. To go back to the larger points above, there are reasons conventions in platformers exist, and deaths such as falling onto spikes you couldn't see from the previous screen were done away with. "Trial and error" gameplay existed as a way to artificially extend short games, and is not a convention most modern gamers take kindly to.

Frustratingly, this is far too common in these last two games. All too frequently, a blind leap down a hole is required, and - whoops, you died. Should have hung the right wall instead of the left. This kind of stuff was fine back in the 80s and early 90s when kids had nothing to do but grind on their NES games all day, but to make a game featuring this element is mostly a crime in this day and age. Even the bosses are largely boring, due to Mega Man himself not having any options. There are only so many patterns to have an enemy do when all the player can do is jump and shoot.

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Strictly as a collection of hard-to-find games, [i]Mega Man Legacy Collection 2[/i] is largely okay, but from a gameplay point of view these games simply do not stack up to modern conventions in the slightest. Even the "modern" [i]9[/i] and [i]10[/i] go back to when the series was at its worst. The lack of dashing, wall slides, and anything to reduce the annoyance of edges, and "trial and error" style gameplay, all serve to remind of the progress the genre has made. As a historical piece, this compilation is interesting, but for any sort of recommendation, this does not get it - even from a fan of the series.



User Comments
#1 Renan - on 11.08.2017 at 21:52

I can't say I like how Capcom split ten games over two releases while still managing to neglect Mega Man & Bass. The original Mega Man Collection from two generations ago had the entire original series (sans M&B) along with the two Power Fighter games. 

#2 Dragon0085 - on 12.08.2017 at 15:12

Yeah, the oringinal collection was actually really great as a reminder of where mega man came from.  In this one, it simply isn't fun anymore in the slighest.  SEVERLY disappointed that 9 and 10 were so bad.

#3 Insanoflex - on 13.08.2017 at 02:39

i dont see the big deal.

i never played 7 or 8 and im loving those.

#4 Dragon0085 - on 13.08.2017 at 17:37

Insanoflex said:
i dont see the big deal.

i never played 7 or 8 and im loving those.

Objectively inferior to Megaman x, and simply doesn't stack up to modern platformers.

#5 Insanoflex - on 13.08.2017 at 17:48

i dont see how.

i always thought the X games were meant to be different.

as numbered mega man games, 7 and 8 seemed like logical advancements to the formula to me.

#6 Flynnie - on 14.08.2017 at 00:41

Weren't 9 and 10 released on the Wii e-Shop as well? 

Personally, if Capcom reduced the difficulty you'd get purists complaining. They should have perhaps added in an optional rewind feature instead if they wanted to baby this generation of gamers. 

The firsty Legacy collection can be purchased for around 5 quid on the e-shop during sale periods, so I am sure this one will take a heavy discount some where down the line. I am quite surprised that it's not out on the Switch though. Maybe Capcom are going to release the ULTIMATE Legacy Collection physically on the Switch Smilie  

#7 Insanoflex - on 14.08.2017 at 05:41

consider that both mega man 9 and 10 together costs $10 each... that already adds up to the cost of the game which is $20. compounded with how all DLC is included for both and you get mega man 7 AND 8 too.

its a sweet deal... way better than the deal for mega man 1-6 which are the most ported mega man games in existence. chances are if you were already a hardcore mega man fan you probably already bought one or two of them individually on one of the many virtual consoles.

#8 Flynnie - on 14.08.2017 at 22:53

Oh indeed, I wasn't complaining about the cost of the game, I am not a huge Mega Man fan to be honest, but $20 is definitely a good price point. 

However because it's a game I am not too bothered about it'll have to be even cheaper for me to grab my attention. But firsty and foremost it'll also have to make its way to either the 3DS or the Switch for me to even have the chance of buying it!

#9 Insanoflex - on 15.08.2017 at 02:02

very unusual that it doesnt have a 3DS or switch ver

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