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Review: Bleed (Xbox One)By Gabriel PVJ Jones At 07.03.2018 00:56

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Short games never get enough love. In the time it takes Okami to finish it's laborious intro, anyone can play through the entirety of Bleed. Here's a run 'n gun that's guaranteed not to waste time. From the first second to the last, players get all of the intense action they need, without compromising their schedule. It's a game designed for instant accessibility, yet contains enough challenge to intrigue genre veterans. Boasting four levels of difficulty and several unlockable rewards, there are no worries about a lack of replay value, either.

The two constants are speed and manoeuvrability. Wryn has a high level of control in her mid-air dash, which can be chained up to three times. This allows her to cross long distances without touching the ground, quickly escape danger, or slickly dodge between projectiles. The heroine also has control over time itself. At any point, provided she has the meter, she can slow everything around her. It's perfect for avoiding exceptionally fast attacks, or weaving in-between multiple adversities. The controls are effortless, almost an extension of the player's own body. Escaping certain death by inches is as simple as turning one's palm.

Oh right! Nearly forgot about all of the shooting that has to be done. Seeing as how Wryn has unlimited ammo, there aren't many reasons to ever stop firing. Her pistols chew through enemies and bosses alike in record time. Despite the fact that there are multiple weapons to unlock and purchase, there's rarely an incentive to ever use them. Basically, Bleed is one of those games where the best weapon is the one the protag starts off with. Sure, it's great not having to farm for better equipment, just to have a fighting chance. However, it's unfortunate that the other weapons are either situational in their usage, or underpowered. Opting to use any of them is essentially creating added challenge for the player.

One of the more annoying aspects is that enemy bullets tend to move a little too quickly. Although the slowdown mechanic is a handy workaround, it eventually becomes a dependency. It gets to the point where as soon as noticing an enemy is about to fire, it is time to hit that button. The constant slowdown starts to become a drag on the pacing. It's rather odd to complain about pacing issues in a 20-minute long title, but it's an issue worth noting.

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Really, there's little else that needs to be said. [i]Bleed[/i] is a short and entertaining romp that will keep anyone glued to their screen. Each stage is packed with fiends to destroy, and the bosses are suitably engaging. The difficulty never reaches a point of needless frustration. Even on the harder settings, checkpoints are generous. There's also a one-life mode for those seeking the ultimate challenge. However, this has largely been rendered obsolete by its sequel, [i]Bleed 2[/i]. That's not to say that run 'n gun fans should pass this over, as it is fun and well-designed, but the successor is simply the better pick.



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