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Review: InnerSpace (PlayStation 4)By Ofisil At 15.02.2019 19:56

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The place that the player will be exploring is an otherworldly dimension where rock, water, plants, and alien tech, seem to have been blended together, with the result being a weird, almost magical mini-verse, that definitely looks beautiful, and unlike anything else you've seen in other games. The bizarreness of these landscapes and seascapes, however, is very disorienting, something that isn't a pleasant thought, as the bulk of the experience revolves around exploration.

Sure, the acquisition of artefacts that upgrade your flying vessel, and which enable going deeper into the labyrinth just like in a Metroidvania, isn't a difficult job, but it's one that's not exactly fun either. In all honesty, the most enjoyable thing in here is looking at the world, not discovering what lies behind its many hiding places. Add to the equation some very sensitive controls, and you have an experience that's far more exciting

Most will also find it hard to keep on playing. Simply put, there's not much incentive to do so. Solving each area's "puzzles" will open up a route for a new location, and every now and then some relatively interesting pieces of lore will be thrown at you, but, as a whole, few will feel compelled to keep on exploring.

It's also important to note that the fact that you'll never feel threatened, as there are no enemies or traps within this world, is something that doesn't work so well in here. Some cult gems have masterfully pulled that off, but not InnerSpace, which ends up being way to soothing for its own good.

As for the Switch port, unlike many indie before it, this hasn't found its perfect home at the platform. For starters, while far from frequent, its issues of frame rate lag haven't been fixed,. Secondly, this isn't one of those titles that are fun to play in handheld or, God forbid, tabletop mode, as it' tiring for the eyes... and less appealing, to be honest.

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[i]InnerSpace[/i] is beautiful... and that's all there is to say about it, because, as much as exploration games go, there are far better alternatives out there - with none of them feeling as disorienting as this one.



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