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Review: Shadow of the Tomb Raider: The Serpent's Heart (PlayStation 4)By Azuardo At 29.04.2019 13:16

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Back in Paititi, this quest sees Lara searching for a local who hasn't returned from infiltrating the cult. Fending off a few enemies in a small battle and picking up a strange message from one of the guards, Lara learns of a special weapon known as the Godslayer. With the locals requiring Lara's help and getting captured in the process, she has no choice but to complete the challenge tomb to retrieve the object if she hopes to set the captives free.

The tomb itself is a little different from the previous DLC missions in that this is more of an on-rails section that requires quick reflexes on the jumping, dodging and shooting mechanics, as a large raft moves through rapids, with collapsing platforms, spinning spikes, and spitting fire all on display to prevent Lara from reaching her goal. The final part can get trickier and a tad frustrating with regards to needing to dodge and shoot panels to stop the flames, but some trial and error sees it through after a few attempts.

A bow, outfit, and a skill that rewards in more gold from looted foes are the prizes this time around, and yet more tombs from the core game have gained Score and Time Attack modes to add some replayability.

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Nothing special once again for the next in line in [i]Shadow of the Tomb Raider[/i]'s season pass. A simple battle and a different, but not overly difficult, tomb work to pass the time, with a handful of decent rewards on offer at the end. It still does nothing to light up what has been a very average set of download content, though.



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