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Review: My Brother Ate My Pudding! (Nintendo Switch)By Nayu At 26.09.2022 19:18

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Fans of earlier games will probably be able to dive right in without instructions, as the concept for each level is relatively simple to pick up. For new players, there is a tutorial accessible from the title page through the game menu button, where basic controls are also set out. Additionally, there are options involving the standard sound controls, the cursor speed can be altered, the opening video can be rewatched, and the credits can be viewed.

Each level requires hiding in the available room before the sister appears. Thankfully there is no time limit, so while it feels like there is an urgent need to seek out a safe place as soon as possible the reality is the opposite. Trying to figure out what can be used as a hiding spot is not as simple as it sounds. For example, one level early on has a window with a curtain, a tiny cupboard too small to hide in, and a sofa. Hiding behind the curtain results in being found, and thus a game over. Trying to hide in or behind the sofa produces the same outcome. The only way is to take the newspaper in the cupboard and sit behind it on the sofa, so it looks like it could be the grandfather of the family relaxing because of the brother's long white socks.

There are many equally clever ways of hiding from the girl on the warpath. The graphics may be simple, but the puzzles can take a bit of thought to reach a happy ending for the brother. Sometimes furniture is used to hide in or behind, or they hold items to help with a disguise. Multiple game over screens can flash by before the true solution is discovered. Sympathy must be given to the girl, after all the pudding which she had set aside possibly for after a hard day was stolen by the mischievous brother. The rest of the family - including the pets - all play their part in helping the brother out. What happens at the end is amusing, the tables turn and the brother needs help from his final hiding spot. Family is family so even though he was a thief, they all help him out of his predicament.

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The pick up and play nature of the Nintendo Switch makes a perfect home for the entertaining nature and short levels within [i]My Brother Ate My Pudding![/i]. The whimsical nature of the puzzles will be endearing to some, while others will dislike the rather simplistic game play, but it provides well over an hour of fun. There are no bonus items or levels for replaying the game on completion, but given how much of a smile the varied antics of the family and inventiveness of the hiding places provide, it will be played more than once when a smile is needed.



User Comments
#1 jesusraz (News Editor) - on 27.09.2022 at 07:37

Loving these quirky releases from hap. They're always so much fun, and great for short bursts when you're busy but still want a bit of gaming goodness.

#2 Nayu - on 28.09.2022 at 07:59

That's exactly how I feel! They get the whimsical part just right.

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