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Review: Train Valley: Console Edition (Nintendo Switch)By lukezeppo At 28.09.2022 22:22

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Simplicity is the name of the game when it comes to Train Valley: Console Edition, with a simple premise allowing any gamer, regardless of age to pick up and play easily. Simply put, get those trains a' running. Stations need to be built and connected by line and then services put on to accommodate passengers. Easy to learn but difficult to master when more resources need to be managed and more trains are added. Basically, a perfect puzzle sim for a portable console.

In terms of setting, historical events provide the backdrop for your rail empire with events in history represented by the ever-changing landscape. It's an interesting idea that provides a different experience and dare it be said, an educational slant as progress is made. As a Brit, it's interesting to see events such as the American Gold rush, something not well known in blighty, represented.

As previously mentioned, the simplicity soon gives way to chaos if left unchecked. Without proper management often, trains will set off of their own accord and lead to the inevitable (but awesome) crashes. These cost money and damage the surrounding environment, meaning a quick rebuild of the track is essential to ensure success. It became clear through progression that in the latter stages, one mistake can be costly. Often one accident meant that the whole level was failed due to simply not being able to keep up with the demand other trains were causing. Time taken to rebuild was time needed to switch a track point somewhere else. Thankfully included is a speed up / slow down feature. Used correctly this can be the difference between success and failure.

Since launch, Train Valley: Console Edition has also added touch screen integration, making the whole experience that much smoother and user friendly. Add to this, a simple interface and menu doesn't clutter up the screen allowing navigation around the map easy to see. Audio cues also ensure you are never confused to whether or not a task has been completed.

To top off the package, as well as the standard mode, a ranking system will ensure train lovers keep coming back to rise through the ranks. Also, one of the most repayable elements is the sandbox mode, allowing as previously mentioned, those Christmas dreams to be realised. For something that presents itself as so simple, the difficulty in later stages ensure this one can be brutal to children and adults alike.

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[i]Train Valley: Console Edition[/i] is going to appeal exactly to its target audience. If you like a tough puzzler and love the railroad as much, it's perfect. The historical element was also something that appealed, it's an interesting choice that sets it apart from others on the market. Add to this the touch screen controls allowing quick and fluid choices to be made, this one is certainly on the right track.



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